Q: I want to buy a topper, what happens now?

A: Add the items you want to your cart, if you live in the UK, next day delivery is included in the price. If you live outside of the UK £25 will be added to your cart when you check out and give your address. This covers courier shipping costs, (it will take 1-3 days to arrive in most countries outside of the UK and is trackable all the way). Once I receive payment I will send you a form to complete and return along with any photos you want me to see.

Q: Why do you charge more for Asian  toppers?

A: These toppers take me much longer to make than a standard couple, on average 2 days, use more materials and require more attention to detail, therefore the price is higher.  

Q: Will you make it look like me & my partner?

A: Yes! They are personalised and unique to you, you provide me with the details of outfits, hair, clothes etc & I make them based on your information. They are not "real life" type figures, they are a fun representation of the two of you.

Q: Will you give me a discount or something free because there's a recession/I don't have much money etc etc?

A: No, I'm not a charity, I have lots of customers happy to pay the prices shown. The only time I might give a discount is for large orders of numerous figures, saying that, I still have to make them, buy materials etc. Put it this way, you've got a job and one day your boss says 'I'm really happy with your work this week, you are great but I've decided not to pay you for one whole day, but I still think you're great!" How would you feel?

Q:  What are they made from?

A: Each topper is made from Fimo polymer clay, it's 100% NON TOXIC & very long lasting, hardwearing & can sit on your cake safely.

Q: How long do the toppers last?

A: As they are made from polymer clay once I have fired them they turn into a plastic material so they will last for years. They are pretty robust but obviously if you throw them around, like anything, they could be damaged.

Q: Do you give refunds?

A: No refunds, all my work is handmade from scratch to your specifications, it is up to you to ensure you give me all the details you want including on the figurines. You can see the quality of my work from the photos on either of my websites, this one and www.indian-wedding-cake-toppers or either of my Facebook pages.

Q: Can you make...

A: I can make anything at all that you want, that means anything! You buy a topper and can personalise the bride & groom however you  wish, any pose, clothing, theme etc. I no longer make motorbikes, cars or bicycles though, the time they take and the cost to the customer was too much.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Send an email via the contact page or directly to helen@googlygifts.co.uk

Q: How much notice do you need to make my topper?

A: You can order now even if you don't have all your wedding details yet, this will secure your place in my diary. You need to give at least 4 weeks notice for me to make your topper. If you have an urgent order please contact me & I will do my best to help.

Q: Will the toppers fall over on the cake?

A: No, they are secured using a 'secret' method! Rest assured they will safely stand on your cake. If you want they can be made on a base for a small extra charge.

Q: How long will it be until I receive my topper? 

A: I work in wedding date order, if you ask for your topper by a certain date I will make sure it's with you before then.

Q: Can you make pets, children, my best man etc?

A: Yes, for an extra fee I can make whoever else you'd like, visit the shop page and add the items to your cart.

Q: How much do they cost?

A: For a full list of prices look at the Shop page. As a guide, a Bride & Groom in any outfits/poses, with flowers, veil, tiara, hats, jewellery, 2 small props to show jobs/hobbies is £149.99 including next day delivery to the UK. I ship world wide and there is an additional £25 cost to send to any country outside of the UK. An Asian topper in traditional dress is £189.99 including next day delivery to the UK, outside of the UK £25 is added to cover fast courier shipping. They take me at least 2 days to make, use a lot more materials, and are much more detailed, therefore they cost more.

Q - What's the price in USD, AUD, other currencies?

A: Google 'currency converter', rates fluctuate all the time so you need to check for yourself.

Q: Can you make toppers larger than the standard 5 inches tall?

A: Yes but they will cost more than the 5 inch toppers, please contact me if you're interested

Q: I can't see a photo of ".........." can you make it anyway?

A: Yes, I can make whatever you want, anything at all!

Q: Do you ship to USA?

A: Yes I ship all over the world, I've had many customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia to name a few!

Q: I'm thinking of placing the toppers next to our guest book at our wedding will they stand up by themselves when not on a cake?

A: The toppers will happily stand up on their own without being on a cake, they don't even need a base.

Q: How much do they weigh?

A: The toppers do not weight much at all, typically around 130g per couple.

Q: Do you make motorbikes, cars, bicycles etc?

A: I used to, but I've found that the time they take, amount of materials used etc tends to make them too expensive for customers. If you want figures to show a love of motorbikes, I can make them dressed in their leathers, helmet under their arm etc. I make mopeds/scooters, tractors and the odd bus!

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